1998 Photos

1soccerteam.JPG (215924 bytes) The soccer team

Lovely Rita serves all the gentleman
Little Adie, workin the silver

Adie Mocca and Waren "yall cookin"

NO! we clocked out

 Bander Babes: Ang, Cristine and Allison

PAbar4.JPG (218010 bytes) Chris and Christine

Chris03.jpg (17922 bytes) Happy birthday Christine

Great Arizona Beer Fes. 98

Gabf12.jpg (73901 bytes) JB works the bar

Gabf2.jpg (81372 bytes) JB works the bartender

Gabf4.jpg (80587 bytes) Erin

Gabf6.jpg (70643 bytes) Paul Gunn, Ang, and Uwe Boer

Gabf9.jpg (82396 bytes) Hi Tani

St Pattys 98

Stp1.jpg (72337 bytes) Tani babe.

Stp4.jpg (83996 bytes) The McGrishams

Stp8.jpg (66366 bytes) Jimbo

Flagstaff Made-In-The-Shade Beer Festival

Mis1.jpg (240278 bytes) Hay Dave

Mis2.jpg (248082 bytes) Molly and Rich Reed

Mis4.jpg (212073 bytes) The Line!

Mis5.jpg (269348 bytes) NICE!!! shirt Dave


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